Friday, 27 December 2013

Best Bits of 2013!

2013 has been my very first year of blogging. Secrets of a Happy girl was only started in May but I already feel so lucky to be a part of a great blogging community. Some of what I have written here has been really popular and I aim to get better and better and keep blogging on all things happy! Here are the best posts from this year, Click on the photo if you missed it!

Love note Idea

My first Love note DIY was my most popular. To think I only created it to cheer up a grumpy boyfriend!

10 things in 10 minutes to make you 10 times happier 

This was my personal favourite post of all time and was one of my first. Happiness is in the everyday as well as the extraordinary and this idea proves that.

20 ways to wish 

We all need to keep wishing and hoping and making things happen. This post is 20 ways to start wishing.

Oh hello Confidence!

Confidence is something a lot of us lack and it can really bring us down. This post is top tips for being the sassy confident person you know you secretly are.

50 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

I love this post, I use it all the time. It’s a point of making yourself feel better instead of waiting fro someone else or the universe to do it for you.

Mars Bar Rocky Road 

It is so good! The most delicious Rocky road I have ever had.

Tips for Finding the Silver Lining 

Bad things happen a lot, you have to keep looking out for the silver lining.

Ignoring the J word

Addressing the truth behind feeling of Jealousy and envy. Is not always what it seems.#

12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar 

A Christmas DIY Calendar! It’s a bit late for this year, but there’s no reason not to start planning for next year!

 I’m looking forward to 2014! More Blogging, more adventures, and more seeking happiness everywhere. Happy New Year. 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Living in a Christmas Craze!

Here are a few snaps from my Festive Season this year. As you can see it has been amazing so far. I hope you are all having equally as much fun. My Christmas has been filled with gingerbread houses; Christmas trees, advent calendars, Gifts I can’t wait to give; Festive window displays; Christmas Cats; decorations and so much more than cant be said. Don’t forget to have fun this Christmas! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Ignoring the J word

Jealousy is ugly and it won’t ever make you happy. It is the constant reminder of everything we don’t have. Instead of being grateful for everything you do have, it turn us into crazy people who are unable to see the good in our own lives.

When I was younger (and far more foolish), I had one particularly enviable friend. She was super skinny and I envied her in every way. She was wealthy and didn't have to work, whereas I was working late shifts and missing all the fun. She was always out at parties, having a great time with her friends and I was always at work or too tired to go out. She was always so made up and looked so perfect and I just felt like such a mess in comparison.

For months I spent time with her, secretly being so jealous I thought I might turn green. We remained friends anyway and I was happy for her, I just wished I had a life that resembled hers. Eventually I moved on from this evil feeling and we stayed close. A long time after this she came up to me at a party and just blurted out that she was jealous of me! I was so shocked, what did I have that she didn't?

She said was jealous of my curves and my bigger boobs and she felt her own figure was flat. She was jealous of how close I was with my boyfriend were and how happy we were. She said she hated always going out but she was just looking for love. She even said she was jealous of how confident I was, that she was always wracked with self-doubt and subsequently covered her face in make up as an answer.

I was completely floored. How could this amazing and talented girl think so negatively of herself? I hugged her hard and told her how beautiful and special and smart she was. I didn't see in myself any of the things she mentioned as envious, and he didn't see herself the way i saw her either. We are still friends now, and from that day I have always known that jealousy is not about the person we envy, its abut our own self doubt. We need to drown it out, we certainly can live without it. 

We all get jealous sometimes. There is a girl in my Zumba class that looks so much like Mila Kunis, it’s not even fair. The point is to remember what makes us enviable, and appreciate it. I still work hard, I’m still a little bit chubby, and I still struggle to get a brush through my hair, but I am loved by my boyfriend and my friends, I love my job, and I am happy and healthy. What more could I ask for? Jealousy is not friends with any of us and there is a reason envy is a deadly sin. 

Tips for beating jealousy:
  • Every time you have jealous thoughts, think up five things that are great about you.
  • Think up actionable steps to get something you really want instead of lusting after someone else's lifestyle
  • Be practical and truly assess why you are really jealous
  • Remember that you are beautiful and wonderful and just as deserving as anyone
  • Create an anti jealousy mantra
  • Things are not always what they seem, read between the lines with people before you jump to conclusions

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bobby Pins are the Ultimate Life Tool

Bobby pins are great. I wear them in my hair every single day. They can do so much more than that though. The possibilities of bobby pins are unreal. For such a small piece of metal, they sure can help you in day to day life. Here are a few helpful handy tips to letting your bobby pins be more useful to you...
  • Pinning back you hair
  • Picking locks
  • As a paper clip
  • Squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube
  • As a Zipper pull
  • Pinning your clothes together or tighter
  • Pinning a hem on your clothes
  • Dipping in nail polish and making dots as nail art
  • Pinning sewing fabrics
  • Pinning food bags closed – e.g. crisps
  • Unclogging your sink holes
  • Pin lots together as jewellery
  • Make a chain to frame photos
  • As a bookmarker
  • Marking the end of a roll of tape
  • Hanging things up
  • Opening small things
  • Resetting your Electronics with that little hole
  • As a screwdriver for small screws
  • As Emergency Tweezers
  • For making bows out of ribbons by pinning the middle
  • Pinning flowers on to clothes or in your hair such as making corsages or hair accessories 
  • As a business card holder
Happy Pinning!

Friday, 6 December 2013

December Wishlist

The festive season is upon us and I have been busy buying presents for everybody else. I took a minute, and a slice of Yule log, to think about what I would like for Christmas…
  1.  These cute stacking Rings from Accessorize are so pretty and you can mix and match. The turquoise colour on the end is my favourite, it’s like Aztec winter wonderland style.
  2. Starbucks Christmas cups are a real treat, especially when they look like candy canes. I would love to have one of these to fill with a winter warmer coffee this December.
  3. Christmas means red. These shoes are gorgeous, simple and daring at the same time.
  4. Snow Bites are my current bad habit. Snow themed chocolate? Yes please!
  5. Lastly, but certainly not least is this Benefit make up kit. This Christmas plays host to the ‘best of benefit’ kits. A little bit of everything in this pop art container.
Click if you are…

Monday, 2 December 2013

Strawberry Milkshake Glazed Douts

Strawberry milkshake is the best. It is so easy to bake with and it tastes amazing. I have had my donut machine for years and I made these chocolate covered donuts earlier this year. I am still using the same basic recipe for the dough but I decided to experiment with the glaze.

This is a really easy way to sweeten up your donuts. To make the glaze mix up all of these ingredients in a small bowl (This glazes around 12):

3 tablespoons of icing sugar
1 tablespoon of strawberry milkshake powder
1 tablespoon of warm water

Double dip the donuts straight into the glaze and wait for them to set. Once they have set enjoy them!

Top tips for glazing:
  • Wait until the first layer of glaze has completely set before dipping in again
  • Flip them over during glazing
  • Don’t use milk, it really didn’t end well, just trust me
  • Let them set at room temperature, putting them in the fridge will ruin the texture of the donut
  • Have a strawberry milkshake on the side!
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this glaze. What donut flavours have you tried before?

Friday, 29 November 2013

25 Things to Do in the 25 Days until Christmas

With 25 days to christmas, I made this Christmas countdown to keep us all occupied this festive season. Here are 25 fun things to do to carry you up to the big day…

  1. Hit Starbucks for a specialty coffee! Choose from Eggnog Latte, Toffee Nut Latte or a Gingerbread Latte
  2. Make some cranberry and white chocolate muffins to get you in the spirit
  3. Have a Christmas Wrapping Party! Get together with your girls and wrap presents all together.
  4. Kiss your Christmas card for your someone special
  5. Start a Secret Santa with a theme
  6. Mistletoe Kisses are a must
  7. Make your own advent calendar. See mine here!
  8. Get your skates on. Ice skating is the perfect winter date.
  9. Rock a Christmas Jumper. New Look have some great ones here.
  10. Make Snow Cones. It may not be snowing here but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a taste.
  11. Have a Christmas movie marathon and don’t forget the Grinch.
  12. Bring out the snowman earrings today
  13. Christmas Cuddles.
  14. Go for a winter walk in the woods
  15. Paint snowflakes on your nails
  16. Get a new tree Decoration to represent your year
  17. Make paper chains and hang them everywhere!
  18. Get a present for someone unexpected and really put the thought in
  19. Dress in only red or green or both
  20. Have your friends over for a Hot Chocolate
  21. Get a Poinsettia to brighten up your day with a festive floral
  22. Make a Christmas Cocktail
  23.  Run in a Santa fun Run
  24. Time to make a Christmas cookie house
  25. It’s Christmas day so celebrate with a champagne breakfast and a wrapping paper fight.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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